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Welcome to Hamm Bible Tools. On this site you will find a growing number of projects designed to help people learn the Bible in a visual way. I have always found that it is easiest to learn things when they are demonstrated with pictures, or graphs, or other kinds of visual aids. And it is through Hamm Bible Tools that I decided to create projects- “tools” to help myself and others to understand the Bible in that same way.

On this site you will find spreadsheets, maps, slideshows, games, and more. These are designed in a way to minimize reading and to focus on images, and to break things down into small chunks. I am constantly working on new projects, however many months they may take.

My hope is to be able to provide content for as many different types of people as I can- no matter your age, religious experience, social habits, or whatever- so that everybody has something they can relate to and learn from. Have a suggestion? Drop me a line at

Please enjoy your visit here.