Long overdue update + new project soon

I realized I haven’t posted an update in a year. Things had gotten a little busy but I have been still working on things. Progress is still going on the game but I have been working another project primarily.

This is a Bible study focusing on Paul in the book of Acts, and all of the locations he travels to. I’ve always enjoyed reading Acts but I felt I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have if I knew the locations better. This is a slideshow just like my last project. Containing all text in Acts related to Paul, it goes step by step through each city and region, so Paul’s journey can be easily digested. I have always found other maps to be too congested, too difficult to really look at and understand. I’m hoping to remedy that issue here.

Text is listed below a “map” that displays only the current location Paul is in. So as you are reading, you can get a visual representation of the geography in addition to the reading.

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