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Long overdue update + new project soon

I realized I haven’t posted an update in a year. Things had gotten a little busy but I have been still working on things. Progress is still going on the game but I have been working another project primarily.

This is a Bible study focusing on Paul in the book of Acts, and all of the locations he travels to. I’ve always enjoyed reading Acts but I felt I didn’t get as much out of it as I could have if I knew the locations better. This is a slideshow just like my last project. Containing all text in Acts related to Paul, it goes step by step through each city and region, so Paul’s journey can be easily digested. I have always found other maps to be too congested, too difficult to really look at and understand. I’m hoping to remedy that issue here.

Text is listed below a “map” that displays only the current location Paul is in. So as you are reading, you can get a visual representation of the geography in addition to the reading.

New File: History and Geography of Israel (Slideshow)

Work on the game has been slow (nonexistent) the last couple of months as I prepared a presentation about Biblical Israel. That project has since been finished, and so I will be getting back to working on the game.

The presentation, shared as a slideshow, chronicles the Israelites in the Old Testament as they survive through major periods in history. In addition, it also covers portions of the gospels in the New Testament. It also contains a large number of maps to help visualize the information. The slideshow can be found here.

In Support of Charities, Affiliates

This website has grown outside of my original plans for it. Originally, there would just be a game. But as I realized that I actually have multiple projects currently being worked on, I could host multiple projects as a way to share my creativity as a way to learn the Bible.  But its potential hasn’t stopped there. I figured, why not support others as well? And so I began to look for other groups to be “affiliated” with. This would allow each group to learn more about the other when they may never have before. You can check those out from the bottom of any page.
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Title Announced + Screenshot

It has been interesting trying to describe what my game is to people, especially with it not having a name.  I am now happy to change that. Its title will be John: A Bible RPG.

And to go along with it, a screenshot.

Screenshot 1

Roaming the streets of Jerusalem. Shopkeepers tend their stores by day as others go about their business.


So I have started putting up social media sites in anticipation of my game, based on the Gospel of John. (Though this site will be used for all projects.) The wordpress subdomain is temporary, before I’m ready to move everything to the domain I plan to use permanently.  The game is still a bit early to be sharing screenshots.

As a refresher, the Gospel of John project aims to share the gospel word for word in a open world environment that will also teach geography and history, and will be designed like an RPG (e.g. Pokemon, Zelda). TBD 2016. The image you see above is my logo, and will be used on all media sites and in game.