Hamm Bible Tools exists to provide Bible tools for free, so anyone can study and learn the Bible. At the same time, there are other organizations that provide for our communities in different ways. It is my hope to be able to help support a select number of these charities. Your support of these charities is greatly appreciated.

As someone who hasĀ found comfort in video games during tough times, including hospital stays, I have resonated with the work of Child’s Play Charity and so that is why they are featured here.

Child’s Play provides games and toys to Children who have dealt with issues such as disease or trauma. To learn more about Child’s Play, please visit Note: This will link you directly to Child’s Play, meaning they will receive 100% of what you donate.

Alternatively, you can donate via the link here.

Want to get games, and support charities at the same time? Check out Humble Bundle at