John: A Bible RPG (TBD)

John: A Bible RPG is a role-play game that follows the events of the Gospel of John. Featuring an open world environment,  explore Israel as it was during Jesus’ time and participate in the events of the gospel.


Bible Summary (Chart)

This Bible summary chart is a Google Sheets file (a spreadsheet) summarizing the Bible by major people and their involvement in the Biblical narrative.

History and Geography of Israel (Slideshow)

This slideshow demonstrates the history of Israel as seen in the Old Testament using maps. In addition, it also takes a look at the New Testament gospels and the events that took place.

Paul: A Look at Acts (Slideshow)

Follow Paul’s journey in Acts with step-by-step maps and complete text. Contains dozens of maps to help users visualize Acts in a unique way.

External Sources

Bible Gateway

Here you will find some tools from Bible Gateway, which include a verse of the day and a search tool. You could just as easily go to, but here it is anyways for your convenience.